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This is the email address where we will send the usernames and passwords back to once the registrations have been completed. (NOT the user who need to be registered’s details)

To save you time and speed up the registration process, please DO NOT submit details of one user at a time – fill in ALL the details of ALL THE USERS before clicking submit

Register Waiters / Learners
  • Full ID/Passport Number as it appears on ID/Passport
  • First name as it appears on ID/Passport
  • Surname as it appears on ID/Passport
  • Password must have uppercase, lowercase, numbers & special characters(/symbol) Except a # (hash) symbol. The system does not accept a #
  • Please ensure Name & Surname match user’s ID / Passport
  • SUGGESTION - Make all the passwords for the waiters for your store the same
Name & Surname*ID/Passport Number*Mobile Number*Brand*Branch (STORE NAME)*Preferred Password*Race*Gender*Type of User*Location*
This Webform must only be used for the following types of users: Waiters, Play Area Attendant, Kitchen Staff, Bar Staff, Sushi Staff, Hostess and Pizza Staff

For all support related queries, please email or phone 066 455 3315

The Support Desk is available 24/7